Mai Haske Glow Oil

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Our light weight glow oil

– Moisturize and nourish the skin
– ⁠Give the skin a radiant glow
– Soothe and calm irritated skin
– Protect the skin from environmental stressors
– Provide antioxidant benefits
– Smooth and condition the skin

How to use:

1. Shower and exfoliate
2. Towel dry (leave skin slightly damp)
3. Apply 2-3 drops of glow oil to skin
4. Massage into skin using circular motions
5. Focus on areas like elbows, knees, and heels
6. Blend well, especially on joints and edges
7. Lock in moisture with body lotion or cream (optional)
8. Use daily or as needed for radiant, hydrated skin!

Non-greasy/Non-sticky body and face oil.

ingredients: sunflower, baobab, shea nut, avocado, olive, jasmine, grapeseed, hazel nut, hempseed, lavender, macadamia, pomegranate, citronella, amodimethicone.

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